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About this website

The aim of this website is to present digital paintings that I painted by hand. This website was published in June, 2015.

Digital painting seems to be a new tool for pursuing fine art. I am an amateur painter and started digital painting in May, 2013. Currently I focus mainly on digital landscape paintings. My digital painting tools include a Corel paint software, a Wacom liquid crystal pen tablet and a Lenovo desktop PC. I do NOT put any digital data (photo data, etc.) into the PC when I paint. I always start painting by free hand on a white digital canvas.

I really expect that many people including amateur painters can enjoy 'classical painting' with recent nice digital tools very easily and conveniently. I plan to periodically add a new digital landscape painting to the Gallery as soon as I finish painting it. I am more than happy if you take a brief look at the Gallery.

A community site (a submission site) was newly developed and added in July, 2016 (to enter the site, click the [Community] icon.) If you are painting digital works, please submit some of them. It is fun to appreciate various kinds of digital paintings in this site. We will be able to understand attractiveness of digital painting in more detail.

All images and material on this site are copyrighted. It is prohibited to copy or use them in any way.
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